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Vendredi 20 Eloul 5775 / 4 septembre 2015

Téhilim du jour - Psaumes

Téhilim du jour - Psaumes

Chapitres 97-103

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Coutume particulière pour le mois d'Eloul et les Jours Solennels
Le Baal Chem Tov a institué la coutume de réciter trois chapitres supplémentaires des Psaumes chaque jour, depuis le 1er Eloul jusqu'à Yom Kippour (à Kippour, les 36 derniers chapitres sont récités, de sorte à compléter la lecture du Livre des Psaumes en ce jour).
Voir plus bas les chapitres supplémentaires pour ce jour.
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Les trois chapitres supplémentaires
Le Baal Chem Tov a institué la coutume de réciter trois chapitres supplémentaires des Psaumes chaque jour, depuis le 1er Eloul jusqu'à Yom Kippour (à Kippour, les 36 derniers chapitres sont récités, de sorte à compléter la lecture du Livre des Psaumes en ce jour).
Les chapitres pour aujourd'hui sont 58, 59 et 60.
Chapter 58
David expresses the anguish caused him by Avner and his other enemies, who justified Saul's pursuit of him.
1. For the Conductor, a plea to be spared destruction; by David, a michtam. 2. Is it true that you are mute [instead of] speaking justice? [Instead of] judging men with fairness? 3. Even with your heart you wreak injustice upon the land; you justify the violence of your hands. 4. The wicked are estranged from the womb; from birth do the speakers of falsehood stray. 5. Their venom is like the venom of a snake; like the deaf viper that closes its ear 6. so as not to hear the voice of charmers, [even] the most skillful caster of spells. 7. O God, smash their teeth in their mouth; shatter the fangs of the young lions, O Lord. 8. Let them melt like water and disappear; when He aims His arrows, may they crumble. 9. Like the snail that melts as it goes along, like the stillbirth of a woman-they never see the sun. 10. Before your tender shoots know [to become] hardened thorns, He will blast them away, as one [uprooting] with vigor and wrath. 11. The righteous one will rejoice when he sees revenge; he will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked. 12. And man will say, "There is indeed reward for the righteous; indeed there is a God Who judges in the land."
Chapter 59
This psalm speaks of the great miracle David experienced when he eluded danger by escaping through a window, unnoticed by the guards at the door. The prayers, supplications, and entreaties he offered then are recorded here.
1. For the Conductor, a plea to be spared destruction, By David, a michtam, when Saul dispatched [men], and they guarded the house in order to kill him. 2. Rescue me from my enemies, my God; raise me above those who rise against me. 3. Rescue me from evildoers, save me from men of bloodshed. 4. For behold they lie in ambush for my soul, mighty ones gather against me-not because of my sin nor my transgression, O Lord. 5. Without iniquity [on my part,] they run and prepare-awaken towards me and see! 6. And You, Lord, God of Hosts, God of Israel, wake up to remember all the nations; do not grant favor to any of the iniquitous traitors, Selah. 7. They return toward evening, they howl like the dog and circle the city. 8. Behold, they spew with their mouths, swords are in their lips, for [they say], "Who hears?” 9. But You, Lord, You laugh at them; You mock all nations. 10. [Because of] his might, I wait for You, for God is my stronghold. 11. The God of my kindness will anticipate my [need]; God will show me [the downfall] of my watchful foes. 12. Do not kill them, lest my nation forget; drive them about with Your might and impoverish them, O our Shield, my Master, 13. [for] the sin of their mouth, the word of their lips; let them be trapped by their arrogance. At the sight of their accursed state and deterioration, [people] will recount. 14. Consume them in wrath, consume them and they will be no more; and they will know that God rules in Jacob, to the ends of the earth, Selah. 15. And they will return toward evening, they will howl like the dog and circle the city. 16. They will wander about to eat; when they will not be sated they will groan. 17. As for me, I shall sing of Your might, and sing joyously of Your kindness toward morning, for You have been a stronghold to me, a refuge on the day of my distress. 18. [You are] my strength, to You I will sing, for God is my stronghold, the God of my kindness.
Chapter 60
This psalm tells of when Joab, David's general, came to Aram Naharayim for war and was asked by the people: "Are you not from the children of Jacob? What of the pact he made with Laban?" Not knowing what to answer, Joab asked the Sanhedrin. The psalm includes David's prayer for success in this war.
1. For the Conductor, on the shushan eidut. A michtam by David, to instruct, 2. when he battled with Aram Naharayim and Aram Tzovah, and Joab returned and smote Edom in the Valley of Salt, twelve thousand [men]. 3. O God, You forsook us, You have breached us! You grew furious-restore us! 4. You made the earth quake, You split it apart-heal its fragments, for it totters! 5. You showed Your nation harshness, You gave us benumbing wine to drink. 6. [Now] give those who fear You a banner to raise themselves, for the sake of truth, Selah. 7. That Your beloved ones may be delivered, help with Your right hand and answer me. 8. God said with His Holy [Spirit] that I would exult; I would divide Shechem, and measure out the Valley of Succot. 9. Mine is Gilead, mine is Menasseh, and Ephraim is the stronghold of my head; Judah is my prince. 10. Moab is my washbasin, and upon Edom I will cast my shoe; for me, Philistia will sound a blast [of coronation]. 11. Who will bring me into the fortified city? Who will lead me unto Edom? 12. Is it not You, God, Who has [until now] forsaken us, and did not go forth with our legions? 13. Grant us relief from the oppressor; futile is the salvation of man. 14. With God we will do valiantly, and He will trample our oppressors.

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